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Dominant ドミナントビオラ弦 バラ弦 D137A シンセティックコア/シルバー巻

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Dominant ドミナントビオラ弦 バラ弦 D137A シンセティックコア/シルバー巻


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These strings have a highly flexible, multi-strand nylon core and cater for artists who feel uncomfortable with steel strings.The resounding success of our Dominant string owes a lot to its similarity in tone and response to gut strings, without gut's attendant drawbacks.The sound of the Dominant string is full and mellow, yet rich in overtones.Its radiance, its ability to project sound without being metallic, comes to the fore both in arco and pizzicato.Comparable in sound to gut, without gut's disadvantages.Other advantages are Dominant's effortless response to intricate fingering and its tuning stability even under extreme atmospheric conditions.But Dominant's beauty of tone is not as long lasting as that of a steel string, a price the discerning musician will be prepared to pay for this quality of sound.Dominant strings should be changed at appropriate intervals to ensure continuity of tone colour.N.B.The playing and tuning peg length of the string are critical, so the string used should be exactly matched to the instrument's measurements.
¥1,371 ~ ¥3,132
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